Kumbh Mela

22 April - 21 May 2016.

Ujjain is an ancient and historical city of Central India, located in the Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh. Encircled by the holy waters of the Shipra River, Ujjain stands as one of the seven major sites of Hindu pilgrimage. The city of Ujjain takes place as a major religious centre for Hindus, and is an address to Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga - one of the twelve Jyotirlinga Shrines of god Shiva. Ujjain witnesses also to organize the greatest fair of country, Kumbha Mela that occurs in every twelve years.
Ujjain city is a perfect treat for religious tourists presenting the numerous old temples. Other than the religious tourist spots, tourists may enjoy the astronomical centres like Ujjain Observatory and old caves like Bhartrihari caves in Ujjain.

Bathing Ghats
Bathing Ghats on the auspicious occasion of Kumbh Mela are the major attractions bringing together all the Hindus from the country. During the Kumbh Mela lakhs of devotees swarm the bathing ghats. Here Ram Ghat and Narsingha Ghat in Ujjain are the oldest and sacred bathing ghats. Apart from its religious significance, bathing ghats in Ujjain are the fascinating places for a leisurely walk.

Attraction of Ujjain

Harsiddhi Temple
Harsiddhi Temple is one of the 51 Shaktipeethas in Ujjain and is an abode of Goddess Annapurna. The Temple turns magnificent on the eve of the Navaratri festival, when hundreds of lamps stand being lit together.

Kalideh Palace
Situated on an island in River Shipra, Kaliadeh Palace was built in the year 1458 AD by the Sultans of Mandu. The grandeur landscape of the curving river on both sides of the Kalideh palace offers a stunning background to the imposing building.

Gomti Kund
Gomti Kund is a steeped water tank, near to the Sandipani Ashram. Gomti Kund is the legendary place where Lord Krishna believed to ask the holy rivers from all the pilgrim centres for his old Guru to execute peacefully all the rituals.

Bhartruari Caves
Positioned just above the bank of the Shipra River, Bhartrihari Caves is a predominant tourist place in Ujjain. Bhartruhari Caves in Ujjain is the place where Bhartrihari, the step brother of Vikramaditya, have meditated after renouncing the worldly life.

Nearby famous tourist destinations

At a distance of 21 km from Ujjain, Ratlam is a town famous for its cactus garden. The garden has over 1,205 species of cacti, one of the largest collections of the plant in Asia.

Mandu is 152 kms. from Ujjain. Here one may visit Taj-ul-Masjid, Shaukat Mahal, Rupmati's Pavilion, and Hindola Mahal, which explore out the tales of the kings and queens of the region.

Tourists may find many hotels in Ujjain near the city railway station. These are primarily budget hotels that offer basic amenities for tourists. As Ujjain is a pilgrimage town, tourists get lodges, hotels and even Dharamshalas to stay.